Our main objective is to study and explore developments and stakeholders in both national, and international healthcare. In our holistic approach, we strive for a more effective and a more efficient organisation of healthcare - for now and in the future.

At THE Institute, we focus on three areas within the healthcare arena:

  • To inform, educate, and transfer knowledge through specific communities of healthcare leaders
  • To explore the healthcare market and access opportunities
  • To launch special research projects into healthcare

Here at THE Institute, we work in a partnership with many different stakeholders and partners. These range from:

  • The Providers - These are the hospitals, the specialists, and the representative associations
  • The Industry - These are the pharma, the medical devices, and ICT producers
  • The Government - These include the local and national governments, as well as European Institutions

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Our mission

With our main objective being the study of different developments and stakeholders in national and international healthcare, we want to contribute to the design and delivery of holistically, efficiently and effectively organised healthcare.

We aim to achieve this by:

  1. Organising meetings and workshops for practitioners and healthcare leaders, together with a variety of different healthcare stakeholders. Our workshops will have a strong emphasis on strategy, efficiency and effectiveness to ensure that the aim is met to the highest standards.
  2. Defining and researching projects and studies on healthcare. We will do this to have the most up-to-date sources of information, and also maximise the knowledge of the healthcare industry. Furthermore, we will conduct, complete and release our own projects and research into healthcare. These projects will consolidate our knowledge and spread it further.
  3. Benchmarking against other stakeholders in healthcare to ensure that effectiveness and efficiency is at the highest possible degree. We will take note of and define the best practices in healthcare to ensure transparency.
  4. Organising and conducting our own conferences and trainings for healthcare practitioners in the framework of Continuous Medical Education.


Dr. Dries Tant

Dr. Dries Tant

President of the Board

Peter Lauwyck

Peter Lauwyck

Board member

Jan Demey

Jan Demey

Board member

Julie Vanhooreweghe

Julie Vanhooreweghe


Supporting members

hict n.v.


Management and Leadership for Healthcare Professionals

This is a series of workshops for healthcare professionals in Belgian hospitals. If you are a healthcare professional outside of Belgium, feel free to contact us for more information (contact details at the bottom of this page).

More information is available on the Dutch site.


SigMed Conference - 10 & 11 November

SigMed - black logo CREST en THE Institute are organising a SigMed Conference to raise awareness about the importance of quality management in health care by providing a comprehensive understanding of aspects related to patient safety and clinical risk management with the opportunity of mutualizing quality based management of medical services models.

logos THE Institute and CREST

During the event we will be exploring the technological advancements which enables implementation of effective and efficient quality management processes in healthcare domains. We will also have presentations of good practices, ideas, approaches on how to implement risk- and quality management programs.

The programme offers talks by local and international professionals active in healthcare. From Belgium we can expect some interesting talks by Prof. Dominique Van Dijck (UZ Brussel), David Devolder (pharmacist at UZ Leuven), and Prof. Dr. Robert Lins. A breakout session on technical service and administrative fundaments for safe healthcare will be given by H-ACE, followed by PROF.

Our very own Jan Demey (board member of THE Institute) will give a welcoming speech with Mrs. Andrea KAZAMER (CREST).

  • Where: Grand Hotel Napoca, Cluj-Napoca
  • When: 10 & 11 November, 2016
  • Registration fee
    • 420 Romanian Leu – participation at the Conference with lunch included on the 10th and 11th of November 2016.
    • 310 Romanian Leu - participation at the Conference without the lunch on the 10th and 11th of November 2016.

For more information go to www.SigMed.org. To register click the top menu Conference > Online registration.


SigMed is a partnership between Healthcare NGO’s and Medical Institutions to share expertise and experiences in the healthcare market. The regional focus of SigMed is Romania and Eastern Europe. The idea behind SigMed is to share knowledge on healthcare between Eastern and Western European Countries. The Initiative started with a collaboration between Belgium and Romania. (Source: www.sigmed.org)

The CREST Resource Center is a nongovernmental organisation established in the year 1998, with the mission to contribute to the sustainable development of the Romanian civil society. (Source: www.crest-center.org)

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